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Have previous dental experiences left a bad taste in your mouth? Do you fear having dental work done? Are you looking for an experienced dentist to help ease your worries? If these questions relate to you, Covenant Family Dental Care has the solution! We specialize in several sedation dentistry options that will prevent you from feeling any pain during our work. Our team offers the best sedation dentistry in Topeka, KS!

The drilling, filling, squeezing, and pinching associated with dentistry work can be extremely painful. Everyone has a different pain threshold, and no one sedation method will work uniformly.

In addition to the physical aspect of dentistry work, some people suffer from dental phobia. Prevalent in young children, dental phobia is simply the fear of having dental work done.

A child's dental health can be adversely impacted by this fear, as dentists struggle to explain their methods and practices to young children. Adults can also struggle from the fear of dental work, as past negative experiences and media portrayals have led them to view dentists in a negative light.

We offer a multitude of sedation options to help combat these fears. The most common forms of sedation are oral sedation, inhalation sedation, and intravenous sedation. Inhalation sedation, better known as laughing gas, is our recommended sedation for children.

After inhaling the gas, patients will instantly feel a sense of euphoria and relaxation. Inhalation sedation is perfect for children because it has no hangover effect, no injection is required, and there is no fixed duration of action. Kids need only breathe in the gas and the procedure can begin.

Oral sedation in the form of anti-anxiety pills are available for patients who have psychological barriers preventing them from receiving care. Pills will be taken hours before treatment, preparing clients for their imminent visit. Intravenous sedation administered through the blood system is used for patients who are opposed to laughing gas or anxiety pills.

IV sedation is ideal for patients who do not want to be aware during the dental procedure. The drugs used during this form of sedation will induce a deep state of relaxation that will make hours feel like minutes, all while you are still conscious enough to respond. Don't let your fear of dental work keep you from receiving treatment! Dr. Ghoston is the premiere sedation dentist in Kansas.

Allow us at Covenant Family Dental Care the chance to serve you with anxiety free treatment!

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